Formatting for SLANT WELL Done

I’m done. I finally got the formatting finished. Slant Well is in the hands of the editing staff at Eternal Press. I had more than enough delays and disasters along the way. Attacks by trojans and a messed up hard drive slowed me. If that were not enough, I came to believe that evil gnomes or gremlins were messing with my edits. I lost several days work. I kept going. I got it done. What I started in 2009 is on its way to print.

Along the way, I fell in love with the characters. They took on lives of their own and demanded to have little adventures aside from the book. I wrote short stories for them. I have people asking when they will see a collection of the shorts in book form. To that I say, “Some day.” In the meantime, I will post some here.

The path to getting Slant Well published has been an interesting and educational one. Along the way, I made friends, found fans, and had fun while I worked. I now have a marketing platform that is growing. I’m a long way from the hardly email savvy Luddite I was. I will continue this journey into tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.


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