Slant Well Launches!

Slant Well is hot off the e-press at Smashwords. This is my second novel to be published. It is the first I have self-published. A Texas tall tale set in my hometown and surrounding swamps, it is non-stop action. Magic, murder, and mayhem with a dollop of sex and love.

Here is its first review:

SlantWell_200x300_dpi72From the first page, you are riveted.  You’re drawn into a “magical” world of  murder, mystery, and a very special touch of “magical” love.   MR brings each character to life in such a way that their various personalities will enchant you, instantly.  A few of the characters you’re going to love from the moment you open the book but there are a few, you’re going to love to hate as each character plays their role perfectly throughout the story.

Who knew oil rigging could be so troublesome?  Who knew one little woman could cause so much trouble and turn a hardcore PI so soft, and  hard, almost simultaneously?  This book will captivate you with Texas oilmen, PI’s, Russian mobsters, eagles, hawks, dragons, magic and love.  I can’t recommend this book enough.  My review couldn’t possibly do it justice.  You have to read it to believe that all the above-mentioned things work so exceptionally well together.

Read it now and thank me later,

Rose M. Brate, author of: Broken Promises, A Promise Kept, and My Promise to You.


SLANT WELL Launches on Full Moon

Slant Well cardA tale of murder, magic and mayhem in the oil fields of Southeast Texas, Slant Well combines a quest for justice and revenge with characters you’ll love and love to hate. An oil well explodes, shapes shift, a dragon is unleashed, and a goddess finds love.


Available on Smashwords and other fine ebook sellers.


Slant Well Cover Reflects Magical Realism

This is what I’ve been dreaming of for as long as the characters have been demanding their story be told. The cover for Slant Well is here. Award winning cover artist, Dawne’ Dominique produced this story-in-a-picture cover. Working from my descriptions, she captured the essence of the tale, a mixture of harsh reality and magic. She tweaked the type and shattered drill stem spells the title. It’s a pleasure to work with her again.


Edits, Magic, and Mayhem

It seems an age of the Earth ago that I started writing Slant Well. It is the first novel I finished writing. I started several others, on my journey to become a writer and be published, but chalked them up to the learning experience and put them in the proverbial file drawer unfinished. Slant Well is a tribute to my persistence. I wrote until I got the story told, then cut out a large book’s worth of excess.

In order to get the story told, the characters in Slant Well took over my imagination and made their adventures happen. They taught me a lot. Now, the time draws near when they will go public with their story of murder, mayhem, magic, and vengeance. The first round edits are done. The manuscript is in the works to be typeset. One more round of proofreading and it will be formatted for the various e-book formats as well as for the print edition.

I went to the bayou in the book and took pictures of the beautiful and magical world there.

cypress in Taylor's bayou      Cypress across from Pine Tree Lodge     cypress knees in water.

Formatting for SLANT WELL Done

I’m done. I finally got the formatting finished. Slant Well is in the hands of the editing staff at Eternal Press. I had more than enough delays and disasters along the way. Attacks by trojans and a messed up hard drive slowed me. If that were not enough, I came to believe that evil gnomes or gremlins were messing with my edits. I lost several days work. I kept going. I got it done. What I started in 2009 is on its way to print.

Along the way, I fell in love with the characters. They took on lives of their own and demanded to have little adventures aside from the book. I wrote short stories for them. I have people asking when they will see a collection of the shorts in book form. To that I say, “Some day.” In the meantime, I will post some here.

The path to getting Slant Well published has been an interesting and educational one. Along the way, I made friends, found fans, and had fun while I worked. I now have a marketing platform that is growing. I’m a long way from the hardly email savvy Luddite I was. I will continue this journey into tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.