Advertising Ash on the Stairs

I am now two weeks into selling my debut novel, Ash on the Stairs. The Graphic Maggy Ad Agency is handling my efforts. I had not used that aspect of me in quite a while. I dragged the wild haired hippie out of the past and sat her at the keyboard. I’m learning to place ads on the run as well as build neatly prepared collages to paste in with copy.

I perused Pinterest for images to add to the book cover. I found a platinum, ruby. and diamond ring, red Manolo heels, red ballet shoes, and the perfect Jesse tote. These and a few other images that fit my mind’s eye are what I used here.

 ATOS 3 side pics  PicMonkey Collage AOTS AOTS collage red shoe ringValentine collage Ash on the Stairs AOTS collage ATOS ell 2

As you can see, I’m having fun. I hope the effort I’m making will pay off. I won’t complain about five-star reviews.


Ash on the Stairs launched

What a weekend! My debut novel, Ash on the Stairs, launched into the sea of readily available reading material. I held my breath, waiting to see if my baby would hit the water and make a ripple, or bounce off a frozen surface. I felt like little grasshopper, sitting with the blind monk, tossing pebbles in the water.

The ripples spread. At first the sales were to my family and friends. That was my pebble. One person finished reading it and posted a 5 star review. The ripples spread. My posts flowed out as one fan shared to another fan of the genre. Every thing I did in the planning stages paid off. That ripple ran beyond my first ring of core human contacts and passed beyond the friend of a friend of a friend.

I’m an adrenaline junkie with a background in nursing and advertising. When I realized word had spread beyond the reaches of my little world, I was as high as a human can get without drugs. I juggled between twitter, facebook (two accounts and six groups), google+, tumblr, Amazon, and the people who believed in a first time writer, Eternal Press.

Working my way through two days of seeing to and dealing with the transition from, “I sold my manuscript,” to “My book is published,” brought back to play a Don Draper side of me. It just flowed. I may be babbling, but this weekend was worth all the work. I started a little ripple and I’m ready to ride it to wherever it takes me.

ASH on the Stairs cover art for release small image


Eternal Press



Super Sunday, No Bowl Involved

I know this Sunday is Superbowl Sunday. I’m not much of a sports fan but I usually watch the game. This year I doubt I’ll see it. This blasphemous act will be done because there is something happening that day that is more important to me than football. My novel, Ash on the Stairs, is being released by my publisher that day.

Ash on the Stairs, an erotic romance, is the first of my works to make it to print, so this will be a big deal for me. I get to go to the big leagues and play with the pros. It is something I had on my list of things to do for a long time. It was work. It was fun. Now the game begins. To market the story and gain a widespread audience is the game that’s afoot.

I feel like the quarterback who depends on the rest of the team to to work with him to get the ball down field and across the goal line. I hope all my friends, fans, and readers will pass the word along so together we can take this story to the rest of the world. I want to make a touchdown. I want to run the winning play. I want the world to fall in love with Jesse Ash and Travis Daniel.

On Sunday, Ash on the Stairs will be available from Eternal Press at later it will be available from Amazon and Barnes&Nobles, as well as other fine booksellers.

ASH on the STAIRS cover art for release

He shook his head. His golden eyes had that predatory gleam in them. “Little girl, you have so much to learn. Edward is my driver. He’ll wait for me. I can take all the time I want.” Travis Daniel, CEO, the man who gets his way, walked across the little space between us. “You took the subway this morning after I gave you money for a taxi. I’m not happy about that. I don’t want you to take the subway because I don’t want perverts groping you.” He stood so close I felt the heat of his body. “I want to be the only one groping you.”  Ash on the Stairs by MRJones

Countdown at 14 days to Ash on the Stairs

Only fourteen days until Ash on the Stairs is released. I have the pre-release jitters. Ticking down to the launch of my first novel is to me like the countdown for a space launch is to NASA. So much to go right. The culmination of a lot of work. Please let the rockets fire and a successful lift off occur.

I want the reading world to fall in love with my characters and their story. I hope what happens on the stairs will leave the reader wanting more. ISBN 9781629292151

ASH on the Stairs cover art for release small image

Press release for Ash on the Stairs

Press release for Ash on the Stairs

Ash on the Stairs, the debut novel by MRJones, takes erotic romance to a new level of enjoyment through hot sexual situations, captivating characters, and twisting plot lines. Set in the high rise world of New York City, corporate intrigue and mystery give depth to a tale with a heat level that all but scorches. It begs the question: “Can a stairwell provide refuge from a predator and be the place where fascination leads to something more?”

Jesse Ash takes the stairs at work to avoid a predator and meets a man with golden eyes. He confronts her and talks her into joining him for the evening. A game with no names leads to a night of sex. Will this continue when his identity is revealed? Travis Daniel owns the stairwell and the company. He wants Jesse’s heart. When the predator resurfaces, will they rise above the circumstances to find justice and love?

“Your book took me slowly, and I liked it.” Erin Lale, author of American Celebration.

“I have never read an erotic story written with as much intelligence and talent. It is a pleasure to read your book.” Katie McKnight, author of Secrets Revealed

“If you don’t buy this book, you won’t know what you’re missing. You’ll be out of the loop when everyone is talking about the amazing debut erotic romance from this up and coming author.” Roberta Codemo, Codemo Writing Services

MRJones is Marguerite R. Jones, a native and current resident of Beaumont, Texas. A lifelong storyteller, she took that talent and turned it into a career as a novelist.  A follow up to Ash on the Stairs, Ash on the Beach, is in the works. Slant Well, a contemporary fantasy set in Southeast Texas, will be published by Eternal Press later in 2015.

Ash on the Stairs will be released by Eternal Press on February 1, 2015. The erotic romance will be available in paperback and e-book from Eternal Press, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and many other fine booksellers.

Contact Eternal Press at  Contact MRJones at

ISBN: 9781629292151

Ash on the Stairs on Eternal Press site

AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASH ON THE STAIRS on EP website.
The sun peeked out and I opened an email from Eternal Press. It is from the marketing manager. Ash on the Stairs is now on the Eternal Press website in the to be released section. If you want to see it, go to Eternal Press. com. Things are running faster and faster now. February 1 is so near. The ISBN 9781629292151

This is such an overwhelming thing in my life. Nothing will ever be the same after the book is released. I will be a business. I must snap into business mode and be an efficient marketer of my work. Currently working on setting up the first book signing. I need a fairy godmanager.ASH on the STAIRS cover art for release

Ash on the Stairs Nearing Release Date


February 1, 2015 is a date I will hold dear. The first of my novels to make it to a publisher will be released on that date. As the days tick away, my excitement grows. So much more to do to promote it. Setting up book signings and contacting the news media are on my short list. I need an assistant who knows what they’re doing. Since I can’t afford that, I muddle through, assisting myself. In an effort to entice you, dear readers, I now present the opening paragraph of Ash on the Stairs for your perusal.

Chapter One

My name is Jesse Neil Ash. Don’t let the name fool you, I’m a tall skinny woman from Texas. From the moment I was born, my life was spent in hiding. Not quite twenty-one, I moved to New York City to continue hiding. Soon after going to work in the mirrored high rise housing TDI’s Manhattan office, I met the man who changed that.

ASH on the STAIRS cover art for release

Katie McKnight, author of Secrets Revealed had this to say about Ash on the Stairs, “I have never read an erotic story written with as much intelligence and talent. It is a pleasure to read.”


New Year

My original thought for this post was to write a tiny New Year story with Jesse Ash and Travis Daniel. I realized the story that really matters is the one I will be screaming on February 1, 2015. The world gets to meet those two characters that day. This will change my life forever. I will join the ranks of published authors. Ash on the Stairs will be published by Eternal Press. I am not an Indie author. I have a company working for me. They will pay me. I hope to make at least enough to buy a cup of coffee. I hope the world falls in love with my writing.

Ash on the Stairs is an erotic romance. I never set out to write romance of any sort. But, no one would buy the first, non-romance, story I wrote. It needed a lot of work. I needed to learn to write in a manner that sells. I got mad that stories written more poorly than mine sold because they were erotic. I decided to turn my talents to the endeavor of learning to write well while writing something that would have a better chance of being sold. Thus was born Jesse Neil Ash, a tall skinny woman from Texas who doesn’t know what love is.

I wrote the first few chapters and sent them to a niece to see if I had something worth spending my time on. Her answer, a resounding, “Yes, keep writing.” I did. Armed with everything from my time here on Earth, I spun my story. I wanted the characters to be real, their motivations personal, their actions believable. The cast of characters presented themselves and came to life. The rough draft contained the bones of believability. The reader could suspend disbelief while in that world. Critique partners helped me polish it. It sold.

Jesse Neil Ash took the stairs at work. Her life changed forever. I wrote her story.

Yes, there is a lot of sex in the book. Melt your panties sex. That is not all there is. On February 1, you can read it. Get it at Barnes&Nobles and Amazon as well as Eternal Press.

ASH on the Stairs cover art for release small image

ASH on the STAIRS cover reveal

My premier novel, ASH on the STAIRS, is an erotic novel set in the high-rise world on Manhattan’s business district. Strong, independent characters, steamy sex, and a fast paced plot carry the reader along through the twists and surprise turns in this tale of love and redemption. It will be available February 1, 2015 in paperback and ebook from Eternal Press, Barnes&Noble, Amazon, and other booksellers.ASH on the STAIRS cover art for release