Advertising Ash on the Stairs

I am now two weeks into selling my debut novel, Ash on the Stairs. The Graphic Maggy Ad Agency is handling my efforts. I had not used that aspect of me in quite a while. I dragged the wild haired hippie out of the past and sat her at the keyboard. I’m learning to place ads on the run as well as build neatly prepared collages to paste in with copy.

I perused Pinterest for images to add to the book cover. I found a platinum, ruby. and diamond ring, red Manolo heels, red ballet shoes, and the perfect Jesse tote. These and a few other images that fit my mind’s eye are what I used here.

 ATOS 3 side pics  PicMonkey Collage AOTS AOTS collage red shoe ringValentine collage Ash on the Stairs AOTS collage ATOS ell 2

As you can see, I’m having fun. I hope the effort I’m making will pay off. I won’t complain about five-star reviews.


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