I needed to caulk a seam on one of my windowsills, so I bought a tube of caulk yesterday. This afternoon, I went to the garage to get my caulking gun. I unlocked the door, opened it, and found the very dead body of a possum just to the side of the door.
I knew I could not play the “girl” card. I knew this was on me. So, I gloved up, got several plastic grocery bags, and opened the front door of the garage. That let the wind blow the wretched reek of death out the back door. Armed with my flat nosed shovel and the aforementioned bags, I removed the possum corpse, quadruple bagged it and tossed it in the trash.
With that done, I found my caulking gun and filled the problem area well ahead of the coming rain.
Another day as the Princess Regent of Trestleburg. Long live our ruler, (in absentia) Prince Alton LeBeau, the Frog Prince!


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