Mother’s Day from a Non-Mother

This is the fifth Mother’s Day since my mother died. I had no children. I will never hear a child call me mom or grandma. At the time I didn’t have children, I thought it wouldn’t bother me. On this one day a year, it does. This is not to say I have not been involved in the lives of countless children. I have. I have my genetic nieces and nephews and almost as many others who call me Aunt Maggy. I am into the great-niece/nephew range now. I take delight in them. I spoil them. I make them behave when they are with me. I love them.

In truth, it is probably best that it is this way. No child had to see the darkest side of me. I did not pass on the genetic flaws I have. I am here to see to the betterment of the lives of the children who come to cross my path. I am always surprised to meet an adult who remembers sitting on my porch, eating freshly baked cookies and listening to the stories I made up. I was just being me. It made a difference to them. I am part of the village. MRJ

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day from a Non-Mother

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  2. I know exactly how you feel, I wasn’t able to have children and every year I used to dread the day. My sisters and their children do their best to make me feel like I should be celebrated on the day too. I find it’s gotten better as I’ve gotten older. I love being an aunt and great aunt. And being around the laughter of children always gives me great joy. And as a woman I think we all should be able to laugh and celebrate the day. Each one of us has touched the heart of at least one child in a special way that they will never forget. But I think it’s us who gets the most joy when we think of those innocent faces that have crossed our path. I love hearing the words Aunt Annie. Warms my heart. And Lasvegaslinny is right. We get to send them home, Lol..

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