ASH on the STAIRS cover reveal

My premier novel, ASH on the STAIRS, is an erotic novel set in the high-rise world on Manhattan’s business district. Strong, independent characters, steamy sex, and a fast paced plot carry the reader along through the twists and surprise turns in this tale of love and redemption. It will be available February 1, 2015 in paperback and ebook from Eternal Press, Barnes&Noble, Amazon, and other booksellers.ASH on the STAIRS cover art for release

A Step Closer to Publication: ASH on the STAIRS

The cover art for ASH on the STAIRS, my erotic novel, is almost ready to be revealed. This has me bouncing around like a kid with ADHD. It made me come up with this tag line, “ASH on the STAIRS, a book so hot you’ll have to wear oven mitts to read it.”

It is my first novel to be published, so all this is new territory for me. Eternal Press was willing to take a chance on a first time author and I appreciate the support of the professionals there. I feel like I’m getting a chance at the big times now. Not bad for a dyslexic dreamer.